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           将词汇分成四个重要程度不同的等级,分别是高频考试词汇、常用词汇、次常用词汇、领会式掌握词汇,把学习效率提高了数倍。 高频词汇是在分析近10余年四、六级考试全真试题基本上编写的,是考试必备词汇,特别是近年来考题的重复率呈上升趋势,更显示其重要性。词条编排突破传统词典式排列,每课词条按跨字母序排列,每课都能学到各不同字母开头的词条,避免近形词干扰记忆,杜绝经常困扰学生“临到考试,还背不完A开头的词条,碰到S开头的词条就不知所措的现象。



        • 淘金式英语词汇四级1A添加文本 appoint vt. 任命,委派;约定 Elaine Zhao, who was appointed as Secretary of Labor, is the first Chinese in the cabinet of the U.S. government. 赵小兰被任命为美国 劳工部部长, 成为美国政府内阁 成员中的第一位华裔. Let'
        • 淘金式英语词汇四级1B blast vt.炸 n.爆炸,一阵(疾风), 一股(强烈的气流) Over a period of two days in Pakistan ;两日内在巴基斯坦发生的 a series of blasts killed 6 people and injured 35. ;一系列爆炸事件造成6人死亡,35人受伤. The moment t
        • 淘金式英语词汇四级2A blast vt.炸 n.爆炸,一阵(疾风), 一股(强烈的气流) Over a period of two days in Pakistan ;两日内在巴基斯坦 发生的 a series of blasts killed 6 people and injured 35. ;一系列爆炸事件造成 6人死亡,35人受伤. The moment
        • 淘金式英语词汇四级2B offend v.使...恼火;冒犯, 触犯 Don't be offended I am just fooling around. ;别恼火,我只是在开玩笑. People who are too straightforward in speech easily offend others. ;说话太直率的人 很容易冒犯他人. impress vt.给人留下印
        • 淘金式英语词汇四级3A grant vt.授予,同意,准予 n.授予物 If you were granted one wish,what would you wish for? ;如果给你许一个愿, 你希望得到什么呢? Old Armond would never grant his son permission to marry Margaret. ;老阿芒永远也不会准许 儿
        • 淘金式英语词汇四级3B 淘金式英语词汇四级3B听力下载
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级1A Lesson 1 ; alert alert Sirens sounded the alert for an air raid. ;空袭报警的警笛响起来. Nuclear-armed bombers were put on the alert during the crisis. ;核武装轰炸机在危机期间 进入高度警备 状态. arbitrary The diet imposes
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级1B Lesson 8 ; accord Israel and Palestine have not yet been in accord ;以色列与巴基斯坦至今仍 未能达成一致 on the problem of Jerusalem's ascription. ;就耶路撒冷的归属问题. anticipate It is believed in China that a man who alwa
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级2A Lesson 14 ; attach Attached please find our offering prices. ;随函附上我方的报价. I am very attached to Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper. ;我很喜欢达芬奇的《最后 的晚餐》. compete The two TV broadcasting companies (TVB and
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级2B Lesson 20 ; adhere Don't spit out your gum on the ground.It may adhere to the sole of someone's shoe. ;不要随地乱吐香口胶,那 会粘到别人鞋底上的. The Government of Iraq adhered to its original plan, ;伊拉克政府我行我素, whi
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级3A Lesson 28 ; alien We shouldn't ignore others' opinions just because they are alien to our own ideas. ;我们不是因为别人的想法 与我们的截然不同就忽视 他人的意见. assault Lately there have been violent assaults in Jerusalem ;近
        • 淘金式英语词汇六级3B Lesson 37 ;第三十七课 activate The cardiac pacemaker is used to activate the heartbeat ;心脏起博器是用来激活 心脏跳动的, when the patient is suffering from a serious shock. ;在病人严重休克时. adjacent Guangdong Province is
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球 <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <蜘蛛词>| <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链> <文本链>