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        • 谈判英语一日通01-02 Chapter 1: Dialogue one ,this dialogue is between jack who is pretty good at playing chess and his friend,a nextdoor neighbour,Mary,a member of the school chess club.Jack promised to play chess with Mary on Monday after school to help her get ready
        • 谈判英语一日通01-03 Dialog 2 Jack and Mary are now grown up and dating.Their friendship is as strong as ever there's strong bond between them,so their dialog is relaxed and flows pretty freely.It's more like a married coupls than young dating to get to know each other.
        • 谈判英语一日通01-04 In this dialog,Jack and Mary work at the same company,and remain good friends.They remain very professional and keep the dating part of their relationship to themselves and out of the work place.No one at work knows they're dating. 在下面的对话中,杰
        • 谈判英语一日通01-05 Vocabulary interaction互动 function运作 hermit隐士 negotiate谈判 copy machine复印机 invole牵涉 trade off交易 playground游乐场 kick off引发 notch鸿沟 play fair公平行事 set pattern固定模式 determined坚定的 custom惯例 minor point次要点 hard talking激烈
        • 谈判英语一日通01-06 Chapter 2 Sometimes It's Fast and Easy快速、简单的谈判 Dialog 1: In the following dialog,Mike is an honest old-fashioned businessman content to make an honest living.He wants to buy some big screen TV sets to distribute in the US. May has often cont
        • 谈判英语一日通01-07 The meeting is going well for May. She's been offer a chance to work with Mike and become one of his suppliers.Next, they have to work out an understanding. Situations like this are not that uncommon, the buyer is in charge,and he gets to make the r
        • 谈判英语一日通01-08 Now that the basic ground rules are set ,the details have to be cleared up. In the next stage of the negotiation, May learns what Mike needs and has to decide if she can do that. 既然现在这些基本规则都订好了,细节也都说清楚了,在下个阶段的谈判中,梅知
        • 谈判英语一日通01-10 Chapter 3 Playing Fair 公平交易 Dialog 1 The following dialogs are phone conversations. The first dialog is about asking for bid information only, just to find out what prices are alike. The second is about asking for a real bid,and a contract will
        • 谈判英语一日通01-11 Dialog 2 In the above dialog,Marsha is very honest about waht she needs and gets it as a favor from a busy vendor. In this dialog, she's ready to buy and gets good service. Marsha:Hi,Bill.It's Marsha Black at MPPM Ltd.How are you? Bill:Hello,Marsha.
        • 谈判英语一日通01-12 Dialog 3 Telling a vendor who they're bidding against is acceptable.How much they bid is a secret until after the winner is selected. In this dialoge,Bill 's bid lost and Masha discusses it with him. Bill: So how did I do? Marsha:Not too good, I'm s
        • 谈判英语一日通01-13 Vocabulary:重要词汇 reputation 声誉 estimate估计;衡量 vendor卖方 test the waters市场测试 priority优先 awarded给予 ballpark相近的;估算的 drill演习 marble筹码 delivery运送 stock存货;现货
        • 谈判英语一日通01-14 Chapter 4 Honesty is the Best Policy诚实是上策 Dialog: The following is an example of just how easy it can be. It could be face to face over the phone. Jack is selling speakers made in Taiwan,and Donna works for an American distributor. Jack:Donna!H
        • 谈判英语一日通01-15 Chapter 5 Motivation动机 Dialog 1 There are lots of ways to get the other guy motivated. The following is an example of inspiring a supplier to do right by you. Lucy works for a computer hardware supplier, and Hal for a small company just starting o
        • 谈判英语一日通01-16 Dialog 2 Here ,Lucy works for an electronics subcontractor and Hal only needs two thousand CD motors from a company that usually deals in tens of thousands. Lucy was supposed to call Hal two days ago but didn't because she was busy with customers. L
        • 谈判英语一日通01-17 Vocabulary 重要词汇 sweet spot安稳的地方 superseded代替,取代 reduce减少 upgrade升级 additional fee附加费用 provide提供 revenue收益 volunteer自动提供 steep过份的,不合理的 volume数量
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