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           一起走进名人的世界:弗兰克.阿巴内尔,康拉德.库哈,尼克.李森,藤村心一,华尔特·迪士尼,史蒂文·Jobs ,拉里·佩奇,罗杰·费德勒,约翰·梅尔,迈克尔.戴尔,克雷格·贝瑞特,谢尔盖·布林




        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 01 [00:11.27]-- 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:15.86]-- 飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:22.24]-- 不! [00:25.39]-- 他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:31.71]-- 一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:36.06]-- 一个普通人! [00:41.76]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [01:00.39]Jr.
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 02 [00:11.27]-- 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:15.86]-- 飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:22.24]-- 不! [00:25.39]-- 他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:31.71]-- 一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:36.06]-- 一个普通人! [00:45.65]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:57.18]fraud
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 03 [00:11.27]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:15.86]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:22.24]不! [00:25.39]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:31.71]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:36.06]一个普通人! [00:45.41]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:53.27]语言点 [00:55.90]overdra
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 04 [00:16.69]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:21.99]不! [00:24.16]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:28.64]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:33.82]一个普通人! [00:39.50]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:47.60]语言点 [00:51.27]Pilot 飞行员 [00:54.13]masquerad
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 05 [00:11.61]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:16.06]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:21.13]不! [00:25.04]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:30.08]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:34.03]一个普通人! [00:39.92]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:50.07]attorney 律师 [00:53.03]
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 06 [00:11.27]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:15.86]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:22.24]不! [00:25.39]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:31.71]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:35.06]一个普通人! [00:39.94]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:48.03]wanted poster 通缉布告 [
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 07 [00:12.41]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:16.69]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:21.99]不! [00:24.16]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:30.64]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:35.82]一个普通人! [00:40.03]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:46.87]语言点 [00:49.37]claim
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 08 [00:12.41]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:16.69]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:21.99]不! [00:24.16]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:28.64]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:33.82]一个普通人! [00:39.69]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:45.95]语言点 [00:48.58]pose as
        • 弗兰克·阿巴内尔 09 [00:12.41]弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:16.69]飞行员?医生?律师?大学老师? [00:21.99]不! [00:24.16]他只是一个高中还没毕业的孩子! [00:28.64]一个极具天赋的骗子! [00:33.82]一个普通人! [00:40.14]Frank Abagnale 弗兰克阿巴内尔 [00:48.06]on condition that 以为条
        • 康拉德.库哈 01 [00:30.03]Konrad Kujau 康拉德.库哈 [00:37.32]forger 伪造者 [00:41.11]Stern 明星杂志 [00:45.85]Konrad Paul Kujau (June 27, 1938, L?bau, Saxony [00:55.68]- September 12, 2000, Stuttgart, Germany) [01:01.03]was an artist and forger who became famous in
        • 康拉德.库哈 02 [00:28.36]Konrad Kujau 康拉德.库哈 [00:36.53]drift 漂流 [00:40.41]prosper 繁荣 [00:43.44]Kujau eventually settled in Stuttgart [00:46.55]where he drifted into a life of casual work and petty crime. [00:53.63]In 1961, after several arrests [00:57.66]a
        • 康拉德.库哈 03 [00:17.60]Konrad Kujau 康拉德.保罗.库哈 [00:34.39]General 将军 [00:40.62]make a deal with 成交一笔交易 [00:47.25]In 1978 he sold his first Hitler Diary to a collector. [00:54.45]In 1980 he was contacted [00:57.40]by the journalist Gerd Heidemann [00:
        • 尼克.李森 01 [00:32.01]Nick Leeson 尼克.李森 [00:40.20]unsupervised 无人监管的 [00:46.01]collapse 崩溃 [00:51.74]Nicholas Leeson (English, born February 25, 1967) [00:59.03]is a former derivatives trader [01:01.90]whose unsupervised speculative trading [01:05.61]
        • 尼克.李森 02 [00:21.32]Nick Leeson 尼克.李森 [00:44.98]approximately 大约 [00:50.99]Leeson claims that this account [00:53.56]was initially opened to hide a ?20,000 trade [00:58.73]of one of his subordinate [01:01.04]that had been recorded incorrectly; [01:04.34]
        • 尼克.李森 03 [00:21.39]Nick Leeson 尼克.李森 [00:41.24]recoup 补偿 [00:45.62]average 平均指数 [00:50.41]materialize 实现 [00:55.52]gravity 重力 [01:01.28]Leeson attempted to recoup his losses [01:04.05]by making a series of increasingly risky new investments, [01
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球