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        • 白领英语口语速查 第1期:白领高频口语(1) 介绍 Introduction ◆ 请允许我介绍一下自己。 Let me introduce myself. Allow me to introduce myself. ◆ 见到你很高兴。Nice to meet you. ◆ 你好。我们好像没见过,我是 Hi,I don't think we've met.I am... ◆ 这位是 T
        • 白领英语口语速查 第2期:白领高频口语(2) 祝贺 Congratulations ◆ 祝贺你Congratulations on... ◆ 愿你I wish you... ◆ 请允许我举杯祝愿 Allow me to propose a toast to... ◆ 祝您May you... 抱怨 Complaints ◆ 我能和您谈谈吗? May I have a word with you? ◆ 我不想
        • 白领英语口语速查 第3期:走进外企,外企应聘(1) Unit 2 走进外企 外企应聘 Job Interview 职位空缺 vacancies/openings A:Do you have any vacancies? B:Yes.Theres an administrative assistant available. 职位要求 requirements for the position A:Whats the requirement for this position? B:Yo
        • 白领英语口语速查 第4期:走进外企,外企应聘(2) 负责 ...be responsible for... A:What work were you responsible for at your previous company? B:I handled routine tasks,such as typing letters and documents,receiving visitors,answering phone calls and so on. 资格证书 certificate/qualification A
        • 白领英语口语速查 第5期:走进外企(1) 走进外企 Entering Foreign Enterprise 报到上班 report for work A:Good morning.I'm the new typist Lin Fang.I'm reporting for work today. B:Glad to meet you!Come in! 欢迎加入我们公司。 Welcome to our company. A:Good morning.My name's Pe
        • 白领英语口语速查 第6期:走进外企(2) 我来介绍一下 I'd like to introduce... A:Mr.Zhang,I'd like to introduce our director Mr.William White. B:I'm very glad to meet you. C:It's a pleasure to meet you. 你将接替我的工作。 You will be my replacement. = You will take over my po
        • 白领英语口语速查 第7期:日常办公用语(1) Unit 3 办公室常用语 日常用语 Greetings 这里一切都好。 Everything is OK here. A: Good morning,Mr.Yang.Have you got used to the environment here? B: Good morning,Mr.Donald.Everything is OK here,except for the weather. 最近过得怎么样
        • 白领英语口语速查 第8期:日常办公用语(2) 假期过得好吗? Did you have a good holiday? A: Hello,John.Did you have a good holiday? B: Great,thanks.Good food,good weather.I enjoyed it very much. A: That's so nice. B: Anything special happened when I was away? A: Nothing that you could ca
        • 白领英语口语速查 第9期:工作交流(1) 工作交流 Consulting with Colleagues 你能帮我个忙吗? Can you do me a favor? A: Hi,Lisa,can you do me a favor? B: Sure.What's the matter? A: I need to call Brian in the Business Department.Where can I find his office number? B: Ah,you can
        • 白领英语口语速查 第10期:工作交流(2) 在来访本上登记 sign in the visitor's book A: This is our factory. B: Wow,it's huge! A: Now you have to put on this badge for safety.And would you sign in the visitor's book please? B: Yes,of course. 工厂面积多大? How large is the plant
        • 白领英语口语速查 第11期:电话用语(1) 电话用语 Making a Phone Call 您好,XX公司。您有什么事? XX Company.Can I help you? A: ABC Company.Can I help you? B: Yes,Mr.Lee,please. 我是XX公司的XX。 This is XX of XX company. A: Hello,this is Sophie of Pamp;G. B: Yes,how may
        • 白领英语口语速查 第12期:电话用语(2) 请转分机8096。 Extension 8096,please. A: Extension 8096,please. B: One moment while I connect you. 挂断电话 hang up the phone =get off the phone A: Tell him to come tomorrow. B: He has just hung up the phone. 电话会议 telephone conferenc
        • 白领英语口语速查 第13期:办公设备(1) 办公设备 Office Equipment 电源插座 electric outlets sockets A: You need to be careful with the electric outlets. B: Yeah,they don't look safe. A: You'd better ask the electrician to fix them. B: I'll call him right away. 台式电脑/笔记本电
        • 白领英语口语速查 第14期:办公设备(2) 装订 staple A: This copier can staple your copies. B: Really? It's great! 发传真 fax A: Please fax this file. B: OK.I'll take care of it right away. 传真给 fax sth.to sb. A: Mr.Wang,the contract is signed by our general manager. Do you want m
        • 白领英语口语速查 第15期:网络(1) 网络 Network 数据备份 data backup A: Do we have a data backup system? B: We do for CAD data.You have to backup the other files yourself. 粘贴附件 attach document A: How do you attach a document with your email? B: Click on the Attachment,br
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