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        • 外事英语流利表达Chapter 1 Chapter 1 The sounds of English [00:02.27]In this unit you will learn to recognize and pronounce English final consonants and consonant clusters , [00:10.28]learn to recognize and pronounce full and educed English vowels , [00:16.16]learn to recogniz
        • 外事英语流利表达Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Getting Around [00:03.13]In this unit ,you wil [00:05.09]practise giving information about types of transportation [00:09.59]review comparison of adjectives,the use of intensifiers and diminishers ,and multi-word verb [00:17.42]learn two wa
        • 外事英语流利表达Chapter 3 Chapter 3 [00:02.01]Currency and Shoppin [00:04.21]In this unit you will practise giving information about Chinese currency and about shopping in Beijing . [00:12.64]Review the use of quantity adjectives,the meaning of advising modals,and the positon
        • 外事英语流利表达Chapter 4 Chapter [00:01.36]Cities of Chin [00:00.36]In this unit you wil [00:02.11]In this unit you will practise giving information about Chinese cities and climatic zones , [00:09.97]review time expression [00:12.90]learn about ordinal and cardinal numbers
        • 外事英语流利表达Chapter 5 Chapter 5 [00:01.59]The Yangtze and Its Valley [00:04.08]In this unit you wi [00:06.01]practise giving information about the Yangtze River and its valle [00:10.95]Review the use of prepositions of place,approximators,and predicting modal [00:17.89]le
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