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        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson1 [00:03.07]复习课1 假期结束了 [00:06.14]Mother:Hurry up,children!It's eight o'clock! [00:08.29]母亲:孩子们,快点!八点钟了. [00:10.45]Mother:Wash your hands and faces,and clean your teeth! [00:12.94]母亲:洗手,洗脸,刷牙! [00:15
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson3 [00:03.12]复习课3 我们的假日照片 [00:06.24]Narrator:Sandy and Sue are going to school. [00:08.29]旁白:桑迪和苏去上学. [00:10.34]On the way they meet Billy and Tom. [00:12.40]路上他们遇见了比利和汤姆. [00:14.45]Sandy and
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson5 [00:02.96]复习课5 一副太阳镜 [00:05.93]Narrator:Mother is at a shop with father. [00:08.07]旁白:妈妈和爸爸在一家商店里, [00:10.21]She wants to buy a pair of sunglasses. [00:12.12]妈妈想买一副太阳镜. [00:14.03]Mother:I wa
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson7 [00:03.02]复习课7 请注意听讲! [00:06.03]Narrator:Miss Grant is Sandy's new teacher. [00:08.24]旁白:格兰特小姐是桑迪的新老师. [00:10.45]She is giving her class a lesson. [00:12.20]她正在给班级上课. [00:13.95]Narrator:But
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson9 [00:03.07]复习课9 您能告诉我们怎么去那儿吗? [00:06.14]Mother:We don't know the way to Station Road. [00:08.29]母亲:我们不知道怎样去车站路. [00:10.45]Father:Let's ask that man. [00:12.06]父亲:咱们问问那个人. [00:13
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson11 [00:02.87]复习课11 伯菲教授 [00:05.75]Professor Boffin lives opposite the Clarks. [00:08.20]伯菲教授住在克拉克一家对面. [00:10.66]He is a very clever man,but he never remembers little things. [00:13.86]他是个非常聪明的人.可
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册lesson13 [00:02.93]复习课13 盖斯伯格太太 [00:05.85]This is Mrs Gasbag.She lives next door to the Clarks. [00:09.00]这位是盖斯伯格太太,她住在克拉克家的隔壁. [00:12.15]She's a terrible gossip! [00:13.84]她是个可怕的长舌妇. [
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册l esson15 [00:02.87]复习课15 磅秤 [00:05.75]Narrator:Sandy and Sue are coming home from school. [00:08.03]旁白:桑迪和苏正从学校回家. [00:10.32]They meet Professor Boffin. [00:12.03]他们遇见了伯菲教授. [00:13.74]Narrator:Professor Boff
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson17 [00:02.93]第17课 面粉和水 [00:05.85]Sandy:Mum,we're going to make some paper hats. [00:08.45]桑迪:妈妈,我们要做几顶纸帽子. [00:11.05]Sue:We want some things. [00:12.70]苏:我们需要一些东西. [00:14.34]Sue:Have you any paper
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册lesson19 [00:03.02]第19课 桑迪的储蓄盒 [00:06.03]Sandy wants to buy a present for Miss Grant,but he hasn't much money. [00:09.50]桑迪想给格兰特小姐买件礼物,可他钱不多. [00:12.96]Mother:He has lots of money in his money-box. [00:15.10
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson21 [00:02.82]第21课 爸爸挂图 [00:05.64]Father:I'm going to hang this picture here. [00:07.54]父亲:我想把这幅画挂在这儿. [00:09.43]Sue:Can I help you,dad? Father:Yes,Sue. [00:11.43]苏:爸爸,要我帮你吗?父亲:好的,苏. [00:13.43
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson23 [00:02.91]第23课 伯菲教授的雨伞 [00:05.83]Father:My goodness!It feels nippy this morning. [00:08.27]父亲:我的天!今天上午真冷! [00:10.71]Father:What's it like outside,dear? [00:12.26]父亲:亲爱的,外面怎么样? [00:13.82]Moth
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson25 [00:02.82]第25课 听上去真可怕 [00:05.64]Mother,father and the children are walking in the park. [00:08.35]旁白:妈妈,爸爸和孩子们在公园散步. [00:11.05]Look!There's a band.They're going to play some music. [00:14.15]桑迪:瞧,那儿
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson27 [00:02.57]第27课 一块滑稽的蛋糕 [00:05.15]Narrator:Professor Boffin is going to bake a cake, [00:07.30]旁白:伯菲教授准备做块蛋糕, [00:09.46]but he can't find any flour. [00:11.15]可他找不到面粉. [00:12.85]Narrator:He goes
        • 新概念英语青少版第二册 lesson29 [00:03.17]第29课 妈妈见到了梅先生 [00:06.35]I'm going to come to school with you this morning,Sue. [00:08.70]母亲:苏,今天早晨我跟你一起去学校. [00:11.05]Sue:All right,mum. [00:12.50]苏:好吧,妈妈. [00:13.95]Mother:Who's y
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