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        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 01 [00:14]Spark English Vocabulary Series [00:18]Vocabulary for College English Test Band4 [00:23]Day 1 [00:26]consider [00:28]We consider that you are not to blame. [00:32]involve [00:33]Over the years I have gotten more involved in [00:37]
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 02 [00:14]Day 2 [00:16]lack [00:17]Their actions lack consistency; [00:20]they say one thing and do another. [00:25]promote [00:26]The football team was promoted to the first division. [00:31]situation [00:33]We hope the situation in I
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 03 [00:12]Day 3 [00:15.26]feature [00:16.66]Even a skilled writer [00:18.16]could not describe all the features [00:20.06]that make one face different from another. [00:24.71]function [00:26.29]What is his function on the committee? [00:30.7
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 04 [00:11.50]Day 4 [00:15.50]risk [00:17.50]The whole future of the company is at risk. [00:21.50]specific [00:24.00]Some of the reports [00:24.50]always speak on the general principle [00:27.50]while neglecting a briefing on specific facts.
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 05 [00:14.50]Day 5 [00:16.50]relate [00:18.50]The generation gap makes it hard for children [00:21.70]to relate to their parents. [00:25.96]respect [00:27.49]Love, friendship, respect, do not unite people [00:31.97]as much as a common hatred fo
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 06 [00:12]Day 6 [00:14]incident [00:16]The antiwar demonstration proceeded without incident. [00:22]individual [00:23]Success at Manchester United is about [00:26]a good footballing team not individuals. [00:32]loss [00:33]Frank was at a
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 07 [00:12.12]Day 7 [00:15.18]attribute [00:16.84]She attributes her success [00:18.89]to hard work and a bit of luck. [00:23.59]average [00:25.05]The average percapita GNP [00:28.20] will reach the standard of [00:29.88]moderately developed countries
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 08 [00:11]Day 8 [00:14]neglect [00:15]He neglected to write and say Thank you. [00:20]nervous [00:21]The investors became nervous [00:23]at the freezing of the assets. [00:27]pace [00:28]The old man walked at a very slow pace. [00:34]participate [00:35]
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 09 [00:12]Day 9 [00:14]assist [00:16]Two men are assisting the police in their enquiries. [00:21]bargain [00:23]We made a bargain on the spot that [00:25]I would do the work and he would supply the money. [00:30]barrier [00:32]All the institutional and
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 10 [00:12.00]Day 10 [00:14.00]exact [00:15.00]To be exact, she is a very exact person. [00:20.00]explore [00:22.00]As soon as they arrived in the town [00:23.50]they went out to explore. [00:27.00]exposure [00:28.00]Exposure of children to TV violence [
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 11 [00:11.00]Day 11 [00:14.00]slight [00:15.00]They did not pay the slightest attention to it. [00:19.50]specialize/ise [00:21.00]He specializes in repairing computers. [00:25.00]stimulate [00:27.50]The exhibition stimulated interest in the artist's w
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 12 [00:12.29]Day 12 [00:14.55]chill [00:15.74]She is charmed by the President but also chilled by [00:19.13]what she sees as his inexhaustible deed. [00:24.76]clumsy [00:25.87]I wanted to dance, [00:27.10]but I felt clumsy and stupid. [00:31.36]coastal
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 13 [00:13.00]Day 13 [00:15.00]exception [00:17.00]All students without exception [00:19.00]must take the English examination. [00:23.00]excessive [00:24.00]I find her attention to her children rather excessive. [00:30.00]exert [00:31.50]The government m
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 14 [00:12]Day 14 [00:14]mistake [00:16]Susan seems very quiet, [00:18]but make no mistake about it, [00:20]she has a terrible temper! [00:23]modest [00:25]She got the top mark in the exam [00:28]but she was too modest to tell anyone. [00:32]negotiate [0
        • 星火英语四级2000核心词 15 [00:11]Day 15 [00:14]shrink [00:15]Car sales have been shrinking. [00:19]sight [00:20]No wonder the sight of it [00:22]should send the memories [00:24]of quite a number of the old generations [00:27]back 36 years ago. [00:30]smooth [00:32]I trust an
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