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        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit One添加文本 a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1.each pea(pee) bee beach 2.it pig give his 3.book bad cap pen hand sheep bike 4.at fat cap gap 5.egg bed get ten 6.coat cake gate goat goal good cow book 7.late child dog hand dad duck take tip it
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Two up cut lust dust; water her autumn again; work bird term serve; face thief fast leave love five life laugh. term autumn fine dawn love laugh leaf lift dust fast the cup in the **; sooner or latter; money and good luck; a dirty skirt; save a life; pay
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Three 1. arm,far,car,class 2.dog,got,what,taught 3.all,horse,door,saw 4.small,sick,zoo,zap,rose,ues,bus,class,sad,zap,fice,price,door,dog,cop,caught,dart,dark,hat,hard a small ball run a horse knock at the door a zoo by the seaside noise and voice a large
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Four full,chook,good,would do,who,food,zoo, thin,teeth,month,then,that,than,breathe woman,warm,water,away,fool,full,goose,good,woo,wool,thief,this,wet,west,smooth,smith a rude fool,cool the food,push and hold,a good book,a wet window,walk a while, a thous
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Five day,pay bike,eye,fly,side boy,toy,noise she,shake,fish,wash,pleaure,accasion,measure,decesion day,die,name,need,buy,boy,sea,she,pressure,pleasure,same,seam,choy,tall, a wet knife ride a bike page 8 play a game an unusuall shoot Susan's television set
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Six [00:00.00]1.note [00:01.78]笔记 [00:03.56]so [00:04.55]因此 [00:05.54]show [00:06.59]显示 [00:07.63]old [00:08.71]老的 [00:09.79]2.out [00:11.74]出外 [00:13.68]how [00:14.67]怎么 [00:15.66]down [00:16.56]向下 [00:17.46]brown [00:18.40]褐
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Seven [00:00.00]nice,race,city,pencil,cycle [00:09.18]call,come,cold,cut,clock,cry,act,music [00:23.44]accept,success,accident [00:29.56]much,chair,teacher [00:34.78]gate,gas,go,gun,gulf,big, [00:44.06]gentle,general,page,orange [00:51.55]just,jacket,June,
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Eight [00:00.00]1.me [00:01.75]我 [00:03.49]more [00:04.37]更多 [00:05.26]farm [00:06.05]农场 [00:06.84]mum [00:07.76]沉默 [00:08.68]2.name [00:10.06]名字 [00:11.45]new [00:12.15]新的 [00:12.85]lesson [00:13.59]功课 [00:14.33]seen [00:15.21]se
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Nine [00:00.00]1.chair [00:02.59]椅子 [00:05.18]cheap [00:06.07]便宜的 [00:06.95]rich [00:07.56]有钱的 [00:08.17]teacher [00:09.09]老师 [00:10.01]jeep [00:10.84]吉普车 [00:11.66]joy [00:12.58]欢乐 [00:13.50]large [00:14.20]大的 [00:14.90]
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Ten [00:00.00]an old cap [00:01.03]一只旧杯子 [00:02.05]a clock and watch [00:03.11]一只钟和一只手表 [00:04.18]a red apple [00:05.06]一只红苹果 [00:05.94]get away [00:06.97]逃脱 [00:07.99]first of all [00:09.05]第一,首先 [00:10.
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Eleven [00:00.00]1.place play please explain [00:04.32]地方 玩 使高兴 解释 [00:08.64]pray pride prison promise [00:11.14]祈祷 自豪 监狱 承诺 [00:13.64]2.blue black blind blood [00:17.91]蓝色 黑色的 瞎的 血 [00:22.18]bring bright brav
        • 新编英语国际音标 Unit Twelve [00:00.00]nice,race,city,pencil,cycle [00:09.18]call,come,cold,cut,clock,cry,act,music [00:23.44]accept,success,accident [00:29.56]much,chair,teacher [00:34.78]gate,gas,go,gun,gulf,big, [00:44.06]gentle,general,page,orange [00:51.55]just,jacket,June,
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