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           《新视野大学英语》是国务院批准的教育部“面向21世纪振兴行动计划”的重点工程“新世纪网络课程建设工程”项目系列教材之一。 由国家级名师上海交通大学郑树棠教授担任总策划和教材总主编,清华大学、上海交通大学和东北大学等全国十余所大学几十名资深教授和中青年骨干教师共同设计、编写和制作的教育部普通高等教育“十五”国家级规划教材,教育部大学英语推荐教材。




        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit1-a添加文本 Section AThe Expensive Fantasy of Lord Williams Tomintoul, Scotland On Saturday night at The Grouse's Nest, they're still willing to raise a glass or two to Lord Williamsthough now his title prompts laughter. And now they just call him Tony. There ar
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit1-b Section B The Romantic Life of Secret Agent Albert Albert did not fit the description of any secret agent Charles had ever read about. Following him down the corridor of thegloomy French hotel where Albert had a room, Charles felt disappointed. It wa
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit1-c Section (C)For the Want of a Telephone Call For more than half an hour 38 respectable Brooklyn, New York citizens watched a man attack and stab (刺杀) a womanthree separate times. Twice their talk and the sudden glow of their bedroom lights frighte
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit2-a Section (A)Iron and the Effects of Exercise Sports medicine experts have observed for years that endurance athletes, particularly females,frequently have iron deficiencies. Now a new study by a team of Purdue University researcherssuggests that even
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit2-b Section (B) Does Exercise Have Unexpected Benefits? Just as exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, bones and muscles, it may also power up the brain. A succession of scientific studies of animals implies that physical activity has a positive effec
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit2-c Section(C)Exercise for the Old As a scientist, one of Steven Wolf's favorite questions to ask people at the end of a study is: Whatcan you do now that you couldn't do before?One of the best answers he's ever received came from an 86-year-old man who
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit3-a Section (A)Where Principles Come First The Hyde School operates on the principle that if you teach students the merit of such values astruth, courage, integrity, leadership, curiosity and concern, then academic achievement naturallyfollows. Hyde Scho
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit3-b Section(B) Cultural Differences in Western and Japanese Decision-making To talk about problem-solving or decision-making within a national environment means examiningmany complex cultural forces. It means trying to measure the impact of these forces
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit3-c Section (C)The Pressure to Succeed from an Earlier Age Like many Japanese, Naoto Eguchi feels tremendous pressure to get ahead. Rising at dawn, he worksa full day with his regular colleagues and another three hours each evening in special study sessi
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit4-a Unit 4 Section (A) Five Famous Symbols of American Culture The Statue of Liberty In the mid-1870s, French artist Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was working on an enormous projectcalled Liberty Enlightening the World, a monument celebrating US independenc
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit4-b Section (B) Engelbreit's the Name, Cute Is My GameMary Engelbreit was a talented but struggling artist in her mid-twenties when she flew to New Yorkfrom her native Saint Louis, hoping to find work illustrating children's books her life's goal. So she
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit4-c Section (C)Life in Low-Grade Terror The phone rang, and I grabbed it as fast as I could. Thank you for calling the Psychic Network (通灵热线), I said as I started my presentation. I read tarot cards(塔罗特纸牌). I'm mixing the cards now;tell
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit5-a Section (A)Graceful HandsI have never seen Mrs. Clark before, but I know from her medical chart and the report I receivedfrom the preceding shift that tonight she will die. The only light in her room is coming from a piece of medical equipment, which
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit5-b Section (B) Decisions of the Heart Assume for a moment that your 90-year-old mother has recently suffered a stroke. She is right-handed, and now she is unable to move her right arm and leg they are worthless to her. She canmake sounds, but she can't
        • 新视野大学英语 读写教程第三册 unit5-c Section (C) GenerationsMy mother called last week to tell me that my grandmother is dying. She has refused an operationthat would delay, but not prevent, her death from cancer. She can't eat, she has been bleeding, and herskin is a deep yellow color.
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