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        • 想聊就聊1.01.1电话定位 W: PomPous. How may I help you? M: Yes, I'd like to reserve a table for dinner. W: How large a group are you expecting? M: Six couples. W: Would you like to reserve a private dining room? M: That sounds like a good idea. W: All right. May I have you
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.2初进餐厅 Good evening. Do you have a reservation? Yes, we'v got a reservation. The name is Ann. Let me see. Ok, this way,please. This is your table. And would you like to order now? Yes. Here is the menu. Thank you.
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.3点中餐 W: Excuse me, I'd like to try some Chinese food. M: We serve excellent Chinese food. Which style do you prefer? W: I know nothing about Chinese food. Could you give me some suggestions? M: It's divided into 8 big cuisines such as Cantonese food, Sha
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.4餐馆用餐 W: Good evening. Do you have a reservation? M: No, we don't. W: How many people are you together? M: Just two people. W: Would you like to sit in a smoking section, a non-smoking section or whatever comes open first? M: We prefer non-smoking section
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.5退换饭菜 Woman: What is this? I didn't order that. Waiter: Im terribly sorry. May I have your order again? I'll get it right away. Woman: I've ordered savory pork and coleslaw. Waiter: I'm sorry. I must have made a mistake. I'll bring them for you at once. W
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.6吃饱了 M: Hey! That food was terrific. I can't eat another bite. Are you sure you don't want another dish? W: No, I'm full. My stomach isn't growling at me any more. M: I know what you mean. I'm so full that I can burst. Shall we go then? W: I'm all set. T
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.7做东请客 Thanks for lunch. It was delicious. It's OK. Next time lunch is on me. Don't be silly. I'm serious. All right. Next time you will treat It's a deal.
        • 想聊就聊-1.01.8结账 W: Are you through with your meal? M: Yes, we are. Could we have the check, please? W: Here is your check, 86 dollars in all. Can I take care of it here when you are ready? M: Do you accept checks? W: No, I'm sorry we don't. We accept credit cards a
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.1提议同逛街 M: Doris, Helen Mall is having a big sale this weekend. Do you wanna go? W: Don't feel like it. I'm broke. M: Well, we can still do some window shopping, can we? W: Just look around? Nah, That's boring. M: I'll go by myself then.
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.2购买家具 M: Hi, can I help you? W: No, thanks. I'm just looking. M: All right. If you need any help, just let me know. My name is Greg. W: Sure, I'll let you know if I need anything. W: Hm, this mattress is very firm. Jack will probably like it. M: Did you f
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.3购买服装 W: Hello! Can I help you? M: Well, I am looking for some winter clothes for my fiancee. W: Oh, it's the high time for you purchasing in our clothes shop. We are now having a preseason sale on all our winter apparel.(哦,现在正是您在本店购物的好时机
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.4买鞋 M: May I help you? W: Yes. Do you have these shoes in size seven? M: I am not sure. If you cant find them on the rack, they may be out of stock. But let me look in the stockroom. W: Thanks. Id like to try on a pair if you have them. M: Ill be right
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.5砍价 S: Hi, are you being helped? W: No, I'm not. I am interested in some scarves. S: All our scarves are in this section. What do you think of this one here? It's made of silk. W: Hm, It looks nice, but Id like to have something warm for the winter. S:
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.6上当受骗 W: How much did you pay for the TV? M: 200 bucks. W: 200 bucks for a piece of junk like that? That's a ripped-off. M: What do you mean? W: It's not worth it. M: Oh, I guess I really did get ripped off.
        • 想聊就聊-1.02.7清仓大甩卖 W: Hi, Andy. I am going to Isabels. Are you coming? M: No. The things are too expensive there for me. I can't afford it. W: That is no problem at all. Isabels is having a clearance sale, and today is the last day. You don't want to miss such a good
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