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        • 想说就说(三)01添加文本 日常用语 Daily Life Expressions. Chapter 5 Getting to know people 结识朋友 Section 1 Introductions Informal 非正式场合介绍 You are friend of Janet, right? I am Andrew, Andrew Smith. 你是Janet的朋友,对吧?我是Andrew, Andrew
        • 想说就说(三)02 会话急救包 You are friend of Janet, right? 你是Janet的朋友,对吧? Didn't I see you before? 我好像见过你。 You look familiar, have we met? 你很面善,我好像见过你。 Nice self-fit. 衣服真好看。 Can I offer you a d
        • 想说就说(三)03 Section two: introductions formal 1.Mr.Sherman, may I present Miss Marks? Nice to meet you Mr. Sherman, Im Elisabeth Marks. Call me Tim, please Should I call you Elisabeth or--- ? Well, You can just call me Lisa. Lisa,so how are they treating you so
        • 想说就说(三)04 May I present Miss Marks? Nice to meet you Mr. Sherman. How do you do . Im glad to meet you.Glad to meet you,too. Call me Tim, please. Should I call you Elisabeth or ? How is everything so far? Is everything ok? Very well.
        • 想说就说(三)05 Hey,Kevin!Can I introduce you to my colleague? Kevin,this is Magee.Magee,Kevin. Hi Magee,I've heard a lot about you. Oh,nothing bad I hope. En...no.Only good stuff I think. Are you having a good time. It's been good fun so far. There are lots of nice
        • 想说就说(三)06 会话急救包 Can I introduce you to my colleague? 我可以介绍你给我同事认识吗? I'd like to introduce you to Mark. 我想介绍马克给你认识。 Have you guys met? 你们见过了吗? Let me introduce my friend ,Mr Jonson. Mr Jon
        • 想说就说(三)07 SECTION 4:asking about someone else询问有关别人的事。 hi,Emally,do you know that guy over there?嗨,Emally,你认识那边那个人吗? The tall one?Sure,that's Daive,he works with Lily.那个高个子吗?当然,那是大卫,他是丽丽的同事。 He is cute.What dose h
        • 想说就说(三)08 会话急救包 1 Do you know him ?你认识他吗? 2 The tall one?那个高个子吗? 3 The one in black?那个穿黑衣服的吗? 4 The one with long hair ?那个长头发的吗? 5 He's cute.他好可爱. 6 He works with Lean.他是Lean的同事. 7 What does he do ?他是做什么的?
        • 想说就说(三)09 Helen, did you hear Im having a party? Next Saturday in my place. 海伦,你有听说我要办个舞会吗?下星期六在我家。 I may have something on that day, but thanks for inviting me.那天我可能有别的事,但是还是谢谢你邀请我。 Well, drop by if you can. 这样的
        • 想说就说(三)10 会话急救包:I'm having a party.我要办个舞会。 Will you come to the party?你来参加我的舞会好吗? I invited them to the party.我邀请他们来参加我的舞会。 I'm not invited.我没有被邀请。 I have something on.我有事。 I'm afraid I can't make it.我恐怕不行
        • 想说就说(三)11 arranging an appointment Jodge,You must come around sometime, You have to check out my mew stereo. Sure, When is good time for you? Can you make it on Tuesday? What time do you want me there? Anytime after six will be fine. All right, It's a date. 1
        • 想说就说(三)12 You must come around sometime. 你一定要找个时间过来。 When is good for you? 你什么时候方便? Can you make it? 你可以吗? Anytime after six. 六点以后都可以。 Anyday next week. 下星期任何一天都可以。 That woul
        • 想说就说(三)13 Ask for nationality 询问国籍: A:So,Is this your first time to TAIWAN?那么,这是你第一次来台湾吗? B:No,I first came here1995。我第一次来是在1995年 A:Oh,really?And you are from United State, right?真的吗?你是美国人,对吧? B:Well,I am from Canada.A
        • 想说就说(三)14 会话急救包: 1.First time in Taiwan? 第一次来台湾吗? 2.First visit here? 第一次来此地? 3.I first came here in 1995. 我第一次来是在1995年。 4.You're from the States,right? 你是美国人,对吧? 5.I'm from Canada. 我是加拿大人。 6.Where are you from?
        • 想说就说(三)15 Small talk:asking about someone's day. Hey Nachael,what's up?How is your day? Not bad.We have had a big meeting today,remember? Oh,yea.I forgot.So how did it go? Pretty well.I think the boss liked my ideas. Great,so what happens now? Well, I have to
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