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        新视野大学英语听说教程 第一册

            《新视野大学英语》是国务院批准的教育部“面向21世纪振兴行动计划”的重点工程“新世纪网络课程建设工程”项目系列教材之一。 由国家级名师上海交通大学郑树棠教授担任总策划和教材总主编,清华大学、上海交通大学和东北大学等全国十余所大学几十名资深教授和中青年骨干教师共同设计、编写和制作的教育部普通高等教育“十五”国家级规划教材,教育部大学英语推荐教材。 





        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 1 II. Listening Skills Listening for Names 1. Doris: Good morning. Can I help you? David: Yes. I need to change one of my courses. Doris: Ill see what we can do. Whats your name, please? David: My names David Brown. Doris: Your first name again? David:
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 2 II. Listening Skills Identifying Numbers M: The stadium looks pretty big. How many people does it seat? W: It holds around 20,000. They say more than 18,000 Tickets have been sold. Q: How many tickets are left now? W: I was planning on signing up for
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 3 II. Listening Skills Understanding Times and Dates 1. W: Oh, look at the clock. Its 5:15. Ill be late for Jennifers birthday party! I was supposed to leave at 5 oclock. M: Dont worry! You still have some time. The clock is twenty minutes fast. Q: Wha
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 4 II. Listening Skills Listening for Telephone Numbers 1. W: Im wondering if the weather will be good for us to go cycling on Saturday. M: Lets call the weather office. I know the phone number. Its 661-3047. If the weather is going to be bad, well have
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 5 II. Listening Skills Listening for Peoples Food Preferences 1. M: Jenny, the main courses here are steak, chicken or fish. Each comes with rice. So, what looks good to you? W: Gee, I had chicken last night, and I often eat fish for dinner. Maybe Ill
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 6 II. Listening Skills Listening to People Talk About Health M: I havent been to see my doctor for a very long time. Im worried that hell be angry with me for not having a physical examination for so long. W: Which is more important, the doctors feelin
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 7 II. Listening Skills Identifying Prices M: I want two correction pens and a notebook. How much are they? W: $ 1.95 for each correction pen. $ 5.00 for the notebook. Q: How much does the man have to pay? W: Ooh, its only $9.8. I bet Jane would love th
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 8 II. Listening Skills Listening for Rents or Charges M: Look at this ad! One bedroom apartment, with kitchen and bathroom. Its close to our school, and the price is only $250 a month. W: But I want an apartment at least $50 cheaper. Q: What is the hig
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 9 II. Listening Skills Making Calculations W: It sounds expensive. Why did they charge you so much for repairing the computer? M:Well, its $25 for labor to start with. A new modern cost another 50 bucks. On top of that I needed a new battery, and it
        • 新视野大学英语听说教程1 unit 10 II. Listening Skills Identifying the Main Information M: For the winter break some friends want me to go on a trip with them, but my uncle in Hong Kong would also like me to visit him. What should I do? W: You may miss your uncle and be sorry about n
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