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        • 杨柳风01 Bedtime Reading The Wind in the Willows Chapter One By the River It was a lovely spring day in the country. The little animal called the Mole had been working hard all morning. He was cleaning his house which was under the ground. He cleaned every p
        • 有声名著之杨柳风 2 Chapter Two On the Road One bright summer morning, the Mole turned to the Rat and said, Rat, could you do me a favor? The Rat was singing a song to himself about some ducks who were his friends. Rat enjoyed making up songs and poems in his head abou
        • 有声名著之杨柳风 3 Chapter Three The Wild Forest For a long time now, the Mole had wanted to meet the Badger. The Badger lived in the Wild Forest. Badger seemed to be a very important animal. However, not many animals got the chance to talk to him. But whenever Mole a
        • 杨柳风 04 Chapter Four Meeting Badger The door opened just a few inches and Mole and Rat heard a voice say, Now, the next time this happens I shall be very angry. Who is it this time? Why are you disturbing me on the night like this? Oh, Badger! cried Rat. Pl
        • 杨柳风 05 Chapter Five Home Sweet Home It was almost Christmas time. The sheep that lived in the fields were outside eating hay. It was very cold so they stood close together for warmth. Mole and Rat were walking across the field laughing and talking. It was
        • 杨柳风 06 Chapter Six More about Toad It was a beautiful day in early summer. The Mole and the Rat had been up since dawn. They had been very busy with the Rats boat. They were painting it and cleaning it. Now they were eating a late breakfast in the kitchen
        • 杨柳风 07 Chapter Seven The Spirit of Nature It was a very hot evening a few weeks later. Mole lay on the grass next to the river. He was waiting for Rat to come home. Mole had spent the day with some friends and Rat had gone to visit Otter. It was dark and R
        • 杨柳风 08 Chapter Eight Toads Great Escape When Toad realized that he was a prisoner in this terrible jail, he lay down on the floor and cried for a long time. He wouldnt see the sunlight for twenty years. He felt awful. How stupid and foolish I was! he said.
        • 有声名著之杨柳风 9 Chapter Nine More of Toads Adventures The next morning Toad woke up very early. He had been dreaming about being back at home in Toad Hall. At first, he was surprised to see that he was in the forest. Where was his nice warm bed? But then he looked
        • 杨柳风 10 Chapter Ten The Fight at Toad Hall Rat! cried Toad, I cant believe its you. Oh, youll never believe all thats happened to me. I had so many adventures. Wait until you hear how clever and brave I am. My enemies tried to harm me, but I escaped them ev
        • 杨柳风11 Chapter Eleven Toad Learns a Lesson After all the Weasels had run away, Badger said, All right, Toad, weve gotten your house back for you. Now we are hungry. Why dont you go and find something to eat? Toad was a little annoyed at this. Why didnt Bad
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