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        • 移动英语-对话1级第 01 部分 Going abroad part 1 At the airport 1. yes no please thank you. 2. hello hi Good moring Good afternoon Good evening Good night Good bye Bye 3. Hello my name is 。 Hi I'm 。 Whats your name? 4.Where are you from? I am from China. I am a Chinese. Unit
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 02 部分 Part 2 At a hotel 在酒店 1.have有 I have a car. 我有一辆汽车。 I have a reservation. 我有预定。 2.Whats your address? 你的地址是什么? Whats your telephone number? 你的电话号码是什么? 3.Whats your job? /What do you do? 你是做什么工作的? 4.Id like
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 03 部分 Part 3 At a restaurant 在餐馆 1.Henry, this is my friend Cathy. Henry,这是我的朋友Cathy。 Cathy, this is Henry. Cathy,这是Henry。 Katie, I'd like you to meet my friend Peter. Katie,我来给你介绍我的朋友Peter。 May, I'd like to introduce my friend R
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 04 部分 Part 4 At the Bank and the Postoffice. 在银行和邮局 1.数字1-20的表述 one 1 two 2 three 3 four 4 five 5 six 6 seven 7 eight 8 nine 9 ten 10 eleven 11 twelve 12 thirteen 13 fourteen 14 fifteen 15 sixteen 16 seventeen 17 eighteen 18 nineteen
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 05 部分 Part 5 At a shop 在商店 1.I'd like/Would you like? What would you like? 你想要点什么? I'd like a bottle of water,please. 我想买一瓶水。 2.How much is that? 多少钱? I'll take it. 我要那个。 3.What color would you like? 你想要什么颜色的? Red, pleas
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 06 部分 Part 6. At the doctors 在诊所。 1. Whats wrong with you? / Whats the matter with you? 你哪里不舒服? 2. Im ill./I fell ill. 不舒服。 Im well./I fell well. 我身体很好。 My back hurts. / I have a pain in my back. / I have a backache. 我
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 07 部分 Part 7 At the tourist information centre 在旅游信息中心 Can I book a hotel here ? 我可以预定酒店吗? What is there to see in this town? 这个城里有什么可看的? Do you have a map of the town centre? 你有市中心的地图吗? How much is it to go in? 门票多
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 08 部分 Part 8. At lost and found office 在失物招领处 1. What does he look like? 他长什么样? She has small eyes. 她眼睛很
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 09 部分 Part 9. At the party. 在聚会上 1. How do you like this weather? 你喜欢这边的天气吗? Where do you live? 你住在哪? What do you like to do at weekend? 你周末喜欢干什么? What do you think of city? 你觉得这个城市怎么样? Where do you come from? 你从哪
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 10 部分 Part 10 In a pub 在酒吧 1. I'd like... 礼貌地提出要求时 Would you like... 有礼貌地提出建议时 Would you like a drink? 您要喝点什么? Yes, I'd like a glass of beer. 是的,我要一杯啤酒 want/ need 熟人之间用 I need a drink. 噢,我想和点东西 What do you
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 11 部分 Part 11. Making phone calls 打电话 1. Can you speak more slowly please? 您能说慢点吗? Can you repeat that please? 您能再说一遍吗? Can you spell that please? 请问怎么拼写? 2. Bance Company, can I help you? Bance公司,请讲. Kaiyue, good morning. ka
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 12 部分 Part 12: Looking for an apartment. 找房子 1. House 独立的房子 Apartment 楼房中的一个单元 Real estate agent房产中介 Buy 买 Sell 卖 Rent 租借, Lease 出租 Free sell for rent. 代售方或代租方。 2. Furnished or unfurnished 带家具的还是不带家具的。 Unit on
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 13 部分 Part 13: Asking the way. 问路 1. Excuse me . 劳驾 Can you tell me the way to the station please , Do you know the way to the station please. How do I get to the station please. 你能告诉我去车站的路吗? 2. Left 左 Right右 Turn left 向左转 , Turn righ
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 14 部分 Part 14. Taking the train. 乘火车 1. train 火车, station 车站, platform 站台 track 铁轨 time table 时间表 schedule 日程表 ticket 车票 one way 单程票 round trip 往返 business class 一等车票 couch class 二等车票 2. He is ten. / He is ten years old.
        • 移动英语-对话1级第 15 部分 Part 15. Taking the bus and taxi . 1. bus, bus stop , bus station, fare, couch class Excuse me. Is this harvard the bus? 2. Taxi, car, for hire, keep the change. 3. subway, metro, north, south, east ,west,take change, line, stop Unit one: On a bus.
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