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        • 银行英语情景口语 第1期:现金业务 开户情景(1) A: Hello, how can I help you today? A: 您好,今天我能帮您什么忙吗? B: I would like to open a Current Account, please. B: 我想开一个活期存款账户 A: OK, please fill in a Deposit Slip. All you need to do is to write the amount he
        • 银行英语情景口语 第2期:现金业务 开户情景(2) A: I'm here to open a Current Account with your bank. 我想在你们这儿开一个活期账户。 B: That's no problem at all, but could you fill in this and I'll need to see some ID. 完全没问题,不过请您填一下这个,并且我需要看
        • 银行英语情景口语 第3期:现金业务 开户情景(3) A: Hi, I was wondering how I'd go about getting a credit card. 你好,我想知道我如何能领到信用卡。 B: Certainly, Sir. You do have a Current Account with us right? 当然可以,先生。您在我们这里开有活期账户,是吧?
        • 银行英语情景口语 第4期:现金业务 开户情景(4) A: Hi. I want to open an account with you, so I can pay my bills by direct debit. 你好,我想在你们这里开一个账户,这样我就可以用直接划账的方式付我的账单了。 B: That's a very popular way to pay nowadays, totally ha
        • 银行英语情景口语 第5期:现金业务 存款情景(1) A: Good day. Is this the Business Centre? 你好。这是营业部吗? B: It is. What can I do for you? 是的。有什么可以帮您的? A: I want to make a deposit. 我想存钱。 B: Would that be a Fixed Deposit or a Current Deposit? 是存定
        • 银行英语情景口语 第6期:现金业务 存款情景(2) A: Mr Jacobs! Lovely to see you again! What can I do for you today? Jacobs先生,很高兴再次见到您。今天我能帮您做点儿什么吗? B: I'd like to make a deposit please, into my granddaughter's account. It's her birthday on Friday. 我
        • 银行英语情景口语 第7期:现金业务 存款情景(3) A: Good morning, Madam. How can I be of service? 早上好,女士。我能如何为您效劳? B: I'd like to pay this cash into my account please. I usually do it at the machine, but the queue is very long today. 我想把这些现金存到我的账
        • 银行英语情景口语 第8期:现金业务 存款情景(4) A: That's the transfer completed. Can I do anything else for you today? 转账完成了。我现在还能为您做些什么呢? B: Yes. I want to deposit some money into my Savings Account, please. 是的。我想往我的存款账户里存些钱。
        • 银行英语情景口语 第9期:现金业务 取款情景(1) A: Hello, how can I help you today? 您好,今天我能帮您什么忙吗? B: I'd like to withdraw some money from my account. 我想从我的账户里取点儿钱。 A: Please fill out this slip stating how much you wish to withdraw. 请填写这张
        • 银行英语情景口语 第10期:现金业务 取款情景(2) A: Hello Mr Waterstone, what can I do for you today? 您好,Waterstone先生,我今天能为您做点儿什么吗? B: Hello Becky. Well you see, I have this thing here, called a Fixed Deposit Certificate, and I've just noticed the date on it. 你
        • 银行英语情景口语 第11期:现金业务 取款情景(3) A: IMBF Bank, Li Lan speaking, how may I help you? 这里是IMBF银行,我是李岚,我有什么可以帮您的吗? B: Hello Ms Li, this is Mr Peng. 你好,李女士,我是彭先生。 A: Hello Mr Peng, how nice to hear from you again. What
        • 银行英语情景口语 第12期:现金业务 取款情景(4) A: Good morning, Madam. What can I do for you? 早上好,女士。我能为您做点儿什么吗? B: I'd like to withdraw 35,000 RMB from my Corporate Account. 我想从我的公司账户里取35000块钱。 A: Do you have an appointment? 您有预
        • 银行英语情景口语 第13期:现金业务 预支情景(1) A: Good afternoon. What can I help you with today? 下午好。今天我有什么可以帮助您的吗? B: I have a Time Deposit here and I'd like to get the money now. 我在这里有个定期存款账户,我想现在取款。 A: The maturity da
        • 银行英语情景口语 第14期:现金业务 预支情景(2) A: Hello, IBJ Bank,how can I help you? 您好,这里是IBJ银行,我能如何为您效劳? B: Hello, I'd like to talk to someone about making a withdrawal. 你好,我想找个人咨询一下取款的事情。 A: You can withdraw money from
        • 银行英语情景口语 第15期:现金业务 预支情景(3) A: Hi, how can I help? 您好,我如何为您效劳? B: I was told to come over to this window if I want to make a withdrawal. I'm not withdrawing from a Current Account, you see. I want to withdraw from my Certificate of Deposit. 我被告知如果
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