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        • 英语导读1000句[1]:Making Friends
        • 英语导读1000句[2]:Around Town Section 2 Around Town 1Do you know this town well? 2Sure, I have been here many times. 3How many libraries are there here? 4There are three. 5Three, that’s a lot for a small town. 6Well, one belongs
        • 英语导读1000句[3]:Sir,Madam,Mr.,Mrs.,Miss and Ms Section 3 Sir, Madam, Mr., Mrs., Miss and Ms. 1In western countries, many titles are used. 2Men are usually called Mister. 3Women can have different titles. 4A woman can choose her title. 5If she is m
        • 英语导读1000句[4]:Going Places Section 4 Going Places 1Travel can be very exciting. 2Many people like to travel. 3People think travel is expensive. 4This need not be so. 5We can travel by many ways. 6Walking is a form of travel. 7I
        • 英语导读1000句[5]:In the Home Section 5 In the Home 1There are many kinds of rooms in a house. 2The bedroom is where we sleep. 3In the kitchen we cook our meals. 4In the dining room, we eat the food we have cooked. 5Lounges are us
        • 英语导读1000句[6]:Cities,Towns and Villages Section 6 Cities, Towns and Villages 1A city is really just a large town. 2A town is just a large village. 3A small village without any shops is called a hamlet. 4A hamlet may have only a few houses.
        • 英语导读1000句[7]:In the Garden Section 7 In the Garden 1Many houses have gardens. 2But gardens are not just for houses. 3Many towns and cities have public gardens. 4House gardens can have several uses. 5People use them to grow thin
        • 英语导读1000句[8]:Playing Games Section 8 Playing Games 1How many games can you think of? 2Well, that depends on what kinds of games you mean. 3Any kind. 4Well, there are all kinds of sports. 5Like what? 6Like football, swimming, te
        • 英语导读1000句[9]:Types of Work
        • 英语导读1000句[10]:Different Kinds of Eating Section 10 Different Kinds of Eating 1I like restaurants. 2What kind of restaurants? 3For food, of course. 4Ah, but there are many kinds of restaurants. 5Like what? 6Well, there are fancy restaurants.
        • 英语导读1000句[11]:Time Section 11 Time 1There are three different ways of telling the time. 2We can say, for example, three fifteen (3:15). 3Or we can say a quarter past three (3:15). 4We can also say zero three fifteen hou
        • 英语导读1000句[12]:Different Values Section 12 Different Values 1Weights and measures are different in different countries. 2We call the different systems decimal and imperial. 3Most countries use the decimal system. 4That’s a system
        • 英语导读1000句[13]:Libraries Section 13 Libraries 1Most towns and cities have a library. 2Libraries are available to everyone. 3People think that libraries are just for books. 4They are wrong. 5In modern libraries, you can borrow
        • 英语导读1000句[14]:Have you really? Section 14 Cinema, Theater 1What’s the difference between a cinema and a theater? 2Theaters are generally for live performances. 3Cinemas are for recorded shows. 4What are live performances? 5These
        • 英语导读1000句[15]:Flying Section 15 Flying 1We usually fly in aeroplane. 2But there are different kinds of machines for flying in. 3The general term for machines we fly in is aircraft. 4The types most people use for travel ar
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