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           《医疗服务英语》以提高医疗和保健服务及相关人员的英语口语水平为目的,在编写上力求“口语地道,情景细化,即学即用”。《医疗服务英语》共分为“寻医问病” 和“各科用语”两个部分,精心编写了一个个典型情境中医疗相关人员所需的应急用句。通过系统地归纳、整理,使学习者能够迅速把握相关的常用英语口语,掌握典型情境的应急用句,并能在实际工作和生活中恰当、准确地运用,达到学以致用的目的。





        • 医疗服务英语 un01 [00:13.60]第一单元 经典奥运医护用语十句 [00:27.19]1.What's wrong with you? 2.Let me have a look. [00:40.87]1.怎么不舒服? 2.让我看看. [00:54.54]3.How long has this been going on? [01:07.77]这种情况多久了? [01:21.01]4.That's what caused your problem. [
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_01 [00:04.85]第二单元 医务人员奥运用语17题 [00:09.69]Part 1 Registering [00:12.36]挂号 [00:15.02]1. This is the line for registration. [00:24.50]这是挂号的队. [00:33.99]2. What's the problem? [00:41.51]怎么不舒服? [00:49.03]3. How long have you had that
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_02 [00:03.10]急诊 [00:06.19]1. What can I do for you? [00:12.32]我能为你做些什么? [00:18.44]2.There is a cut but luckily it's not deep. [00:30.77]破了个口子,不过,幸运的是不太深. [00:43.10]3.First,I'll clean up the wound and then we're going to dress it.
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_03 [00:04.05]第三部分 车祸伤员 [00:08.10]1.Tell me what your problem is. [00:21.12]告诉我你怎么不舒服? [00:34.14]2.Does it hurt when I press here? [00:45.73]我按这儿疼吗? [00:57.31]3.Though it's not very serious,you should rest in bed as much as possibl
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_04 [00:03.84]第四部分 在泌尿科门诊 [00:07.68]1.How long has this been going on? [00:21.00]这种情况有多久了? [00:34.32]2.Does it hurt when you pass water? [00:47.95]小便时有痛感吗? [01:01.57]3.How often do you usually pass water? [01:12.15]你通常每天小便
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_05 [00:03.75]第五部分 皮肤病 [00:07.50]1.When did you begin to have this rash? [00:19.42]你是什么时候开始出疹子的? [00:31.35]2.Don't eat seafood any more and don't scratch it. [00:42.27]不要再吃海鲜了,也不要抓疹子. [00:53.19]3.In that case,you might be
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_06 [00:03.64]第六部分 看牙医 [00:07.29]1. Let's see what's wrong. [00:14.17]咱们看看是什么问题. [00:21.05]2.The cavity is too big to be filled and it's come loose anyway. [00:39.20]洞太大了,没法补上,牙齿也松动了. [00:57.34]3.I think it will relieve you
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_07 [00:03.70]第七部分 肠胃不适 [00:07.39]1.What did you have for lunch? [00:16.52]午饭吃的是什么? [00:25.65]2. Have you vomited? [00:32.48]呕吐了吗? [00:39.31]3.Please open your mouth and say 'ah'. [00:48.18]请把嘴张开,说'啊'. [00:57.05]4.I'll give you
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_08 [00:03.94]第八部分 在神经科门诊 [00:07.89]1.Then,you must be an athlete. [00:14.67]那你一定是运动员了. [00:21.45]2.As an athlete,you want to get the best result. [00:35.72]作为一名运动员,你想取得最佳成绩. [00:50.00]3.So you are under great pressure [
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_09 [00:03.80]第九部分 在眼科门诊 [00:07.60]1.Let me pull up your eyelid to have a look. [00:19.58]让我翻开你的眼皮看看. [00:31.56]2.You have an infection. [00:37.62]你的眼睛感染了. [00:43.68]3.That's what caused your problem. [00:54.36]这就是你的问题所
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_10 [00:03.94] 第十部分 看内科医生 [00:07.89]1.What's the matter? [00:14.32]你怎么不舒服? [00:20.74]2.I have a fever and I feel achy all over [00:34.06]我发烧了,感到浑身疼痛. [00:47.39]3.I have a bad stomachache and I feel nauseous. [00:59.22]我胃疼得厉
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_11 [00:03.80]第十一部分 看外科医生 [00:07.60]1.My hand(elbow,neck, foot,side,arm,wrist) hurts. [00:24.33]我的手(胳膊肘,脖子,脚,身体侧面,胳臂,手腕)疼. [00:41.06]2.My legs(hands, shoulders, feet,ankles,knees, muscles)hurt. [01:00.89]我的腿(手,肩膀,脚,脚脖
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_12 [00:04.35]第十二部分 妇女病 [00:08.70]1.What's the matter with you? [00:17.48]你有什么不舒服? [00:26.25]For the last two or three weeks [00:28.98]在过去的两三周内, [00:31.71]I've been getting real bad pains in one of my breasts. [00:57.34]我的一个乳
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_13 [00:05.15]第十三部分 化验取样 [00:10.29]1.The first test is no problem, [00:12.92]做第一项检查没有问题, [00:15.54]but the second one has to be done on an empty stomach. [00:33.78]但第二项目得空腹做. [00:52.01]2.How long do I have to fast? [01:01.04]
        • 医疗服务英语 un02_14 [00:08.70]1.I'm going to give you an X-ray. [00:15.88]我来给你拍一张X光片. [00:23.07]Please take your clothes off above the waist. [00:34.04]请脱掉上衣. [00:45.01]2.Please put your hands like this and your shoulders forward like this, [00:48.09]双手
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