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            你是美食爱好者吗?你了解不同国家的美食和饮食文化吗?你知道如何向外国友人介绍中华美食吗?你是否曾经在外国餐厅点餐时,不知道某样食物的英语怎样说呢? 《饮食生活英语》以饮食为主题,介绍与饮食相关的英语会话、词汇、常用句型和饮食文化资讯。共分六大主题:购物篇、用餐篇、餐厅篇、学习与工作篇、场合篇、旅游篇。主题丰富,内容多元,会话生动,详列饮食生活的各种英文常用句,附短语解说,并介绍各种餐饮特色和各国的餐饮文化,内容实用而完备。




        • 饮食英语-Unit 01-传统市场添加文本 Shopping for Food Useful Expressions I. Shopper 1. How much is the turkey? 2. Whats the price for the chicken legs? 3. How much do I owe you? 4. How much are these all together? 5. Do u have any veal 6. I wonder if u have any Chinese cabbages. 7. Are
        • 饮食英语-Unit 02-超市 Unit 2 Supermarket Useful Expressions A. Shopper 1. Excuse me, do u sell party supplies? 2. Could u tell me where I can buy the paper towels? 3. Could u help to find the baking soda? 4. Whats on do you open? 5. Do u have an organic food section? 6. T
        • 饮食英语-Unit 03-杂货店 Unit 3 Grocery store Expressing Preference in Snacks I prefer sweet food. I prefer liquorish toffee to Roman butter toffee. What flavor do you like? I dont have any preference, any flavor will do. He likes eating junk food. I have a craving for candy
        • 饮食英语-Unit 04-午餐 Part 2:eating and drinkingUnit 4 lunch hour Useful ExpressionsA: Expressing the Feeling of Hunger 1. Im starving. 2. Ive got the munchies. 3. I haven't eaten anything since I got up. 4. My blood suger is so low that I have to get something to eat. 5.
        • 饮食英语-Unit 05-下午茶 Unit 5 Afternoon Tea Useful Expressions A: Guest, Customer 1. Could u pass me the sugar, pls? 2. I prefer tea bags, they are more convenient. 3. I like strong tea. 4. This tea tastes kind of bitter. I think it's been brewing for too long. 5. My favou
        • 饮食英语-Unit 06-饮食习惯 饮食英语-Unit 06-饮食习惯
        • 饮食英语-Unit 07-出外就餐 饮食英语-Unit 07-出外就餐
        • 饮食英语-Unit 08-亚洲菜 饮食英语-Unit 08-亚洲菜
        • 饮食英语-Unit 09-中国菜 Unit 9 Chinese quizeeUseful expressionsA. Chinese table manners1. Chinese people like to eat together during a meal. 2. It's always very noisy in a Chinese restaurant. 3. Just put the lid upside down, they will refill the teapot for us. 4. Could you
        • 饮食英语-Unit 10-表达抱怨 饮食英语-Unit 10-表达抱怨
        • 饮食英语-Unit 11-速食连锁店 饮食英语-Unit 11-速食连锁店
        • 饮食英语-Unit 12-烹饪课 饮食英语-Unit 12-烹饪课
        • 饮食英语-Unit 13-应聘餐饮工作 Applying for a catering jobs. Useful expressions. A. Interviewer. 1. We'd like to know more about your working experience. 2. Are you a certified cook? 3. Can you describe your personality? 4. Could you tell us about your last job? 5. What were your
        • 饮食英语-Unit 14-食物评论家 饮食英语-Unit 14-食物评论家
        • 饮食英语-Unit 15-机上饮食 饮食英语-Unit 15-机上饮食
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