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        • 医学英语轻松学 第1期:心脏年龄 Her age is 53, but her heart age is 75 because she smokes and has uncontrolled high blood pressure. 她今年53岁,由于吸烟和持续走高的血压,导致她的心脏年龄为75岁。 Most American adults have a heart thats older than their a
        • 医学英语轻松学 第2期:感染 Antibiotic-resistant germs cause more than two million illnesses and at least 23,000 deaths each year in the U.S. 抗生素抗药性细菌会引发200多万种疾病,每年有至少2.3万名美国人因此而死亡。 Inappropriate prescribing of a
        • 医学英语轻松学 第3期:隐形眼镜 For millions of Americans, contact lenses are a popular alternative to glasses. If not properly worn and cared for, they can put wearers at risk for eye infections. 对于数百万美国人来说,隐形眼镜成为了受大众欢迎的眼镜替代品
        • 医学英语轻松学 第4期:女性豪饮 Despite serious risks, millions of women and girls binge drink. 虽然这样做危险重重,但仍有数百万女性豪饮。 Over 21,000 die each year as a consequence of drinking too much. 每年死于豪饮的人数超过了2.1万人。 For wome
        • 医学英语轻松学 第5期:宫颈癌 Cervical cancer has declined in the US, however every year over 12,000 women are diagnosed and 4,000 die. 美国的宫颈癌患者有所减少,但是每年确诊人数仍然超过了1.2万人,4千人死亡。 The decline is largely due to Pap tes
        • 医学英语轻松学 第6期:先天缺陷 1 in 33 babies in the US is affected by a major birth defect. 在美国,胎儿先天缺陷的几率为33分之1。 While birth dffects can be genetic, or inherited, some can be caused by things a woman does before or during pregnancy such as using
        • 医学英语轻松学 第7期:儿童肥胖 Maintaining a healthy weight in childhood can prevent many health-related problems later in life. 在儿童时期,保持健康体重能够预防未来疾病风险。 Childhood obesity is stabilizing and may be decreasing in New York City and Los An
        • 医学英语轻松学 第8期:饮酒适度 For many people, drinking alcohol is a regular part of social occasions, but moderation is important. 对于许多人来说,喝酒是社交的常规模式,适度饮酒尤为重要。 Binge drinking is defined as having 4 or more drinks on an occa
        • 医学英语轻松学 第9期:患有精神疾病的吸烟者 Adults with mental illness smoke cigarettes at much higher rates than other adults. 成人精神病患者吸烟的几率要高于常人。 Overall, about 20% of adults in the US smoke. 总的来说,约20%的美国成年吸烟。 Among adults with a
        • 医学英语轻松学 第10期:食品安全 A healthy diet is important, but if food is mishandled or improperly prepared, even a wholesome meal can make you sick. 健康饮食至关重要,但如果食物处理不当,健康饮食也会招致疾病。 An estimated 48,000,000 foodborne illne
        • 医学英语轻松学 第11期:接种疫苗 Vaccines aren't just for kids, adults also need to get immunized. 不仅是儿童,成人也需要接种疫苗。 Overall, far too many people 19 years and older aren't getting the vaccines they need and remain unprotected. 总的来说,许多19岁或
        • 医学英语轻松学 第12期:哺乳 Breastfeeding is the best way to ensure that growing babies are getting essential nutrients. 为了保证婴儿能够获取所需营养,哺乳是最佳方法。 Breast milk is usually easier to digest than formula and breast milk contains antibodie
        • 医学英语轻松学 第13期:少盐低纳更健康 Fact: Americans consume too much sodium. 真实情况:美国人钠含量超标 Sodium raises blood pressure and puts you at risk for heart disease or stroke. 纳会导致血压升高,增加心脏病,中风风险。 What's too much? Most people
        • 医学英语轻松学 第14期:文明与健康 At the turn of the last century, Native people lived off the land. 20世纪之交,原住民靠山吃山,靠水吃水。 As times changed, our way of life of growing, gathering, and hunting traditional foods changed. 随着时代变迁,人们耕种
        • 医学英语轻松学 第15期:园艺与健康 When preschool teacher Claudia Mendoza saw a problem that was affecting her kids, she got to the root cause. 学前班老师克劳迪娅门多萨发现了困扰儿童的症结所在,她进行了刨根问底的探寻。 Childhood obesity is a proble
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