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        • 英语听力短文01 Eat, Sleep, and Think Burgers Burger Queen flew Billy and his Bronx coworkers to its training center. After returning, Billy told his cousin about his trip. Boy, was it great! I made tons of money in overtime. We were in training 12 days straight. We worked almost 16 hours a day.
        • 英语听力短文02 Stuff Your Face, Then Diet We need to lose weight, she said. He said, What do you mean, 'we'? She said, I mean you and me. I'm 20 pounds overweight, and so are you. We have to worry about diabetes, you know. That happens to people who gain weight and don't exercise. He said, W
        • 英语听力短文03 A Chance of Rain, or Not What's the weather going to be like? he asked. She said there was a 20-percent chance of rain. Twenty percent? he said. Last week they said 20 percent, and it didn't rain a drop. I'm not going to take my umbrella. Twenty percent means zero percent. S
        • 英语听力短文04 Four Hours of Energy He bought a six-pack of an energy drink. He'd never tried it before. The ads promised four hours of energy. He drank the little bottle. He waited for the energy to kick in. He needed to cram for a test the next morning. Nothing happened. I can't wait
        • 英语听力短文05 Cat and Dog Discuss Humans The cat and the dog were talking. The cat said, Humans treat us better than you. If we turn up our nose at the cat food they serve us, they buy us another brand. If we're sleepy, we can sleep on the pillows in their bed. The dog said, But humans take
        • 英语听力短文06 A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (1) It was a beautiful summer day in New York City. It was a day made for walking. John was standing at an intersection near the Brooklyn Bridge. He had driven over the bridge before. But he had never walked over the bridge. He started walking uphill on
        • 英语听力短文07 A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (2) The pedestrian path and the bike path gradually rose above the cars. John looked down at the cars. He was walking east, toward Brooklyn. The eastbound cars below were moving quickly. But the westbound cars, coming into NYC, were creeping along. There
        • 英语听力短文08 A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (3) Next to the man were about 30 drawings. They were clipped to the fence beneath the handrail. There were drawings of bridges and buildings. There were drawings of people's faces. All the drawings were black and white. John thought they were beautiful.
        • 英语听力短文09 A Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge (4) The man looked at John. Sit, sit, he repeated. John smiled. He waved goodbye to the man. Maybe I should buy a few drawings on my way back, he thought. Maybe that old man will be famous some day. Maybe my drawings will be worth millions. He could see
        • 英语听力短文10 A Laptop Problem (1) Bill's laptop stopped working. He looked in the phone book under Computer Repair. He called a repair place near his apartment. Byron answered the phone. Bill said, My laptop has crashed. Can you retrieve the files? If so, how much will it cost? Byron
        • 英语听力短文11 A Laptop Problem (2) It's coming along, said Byron. Your files are a real mess. I've spent 3.5 hours on your computer, but I haven't retrieved everything. Excuse me? Bill said. What do you mean, 3.5 hours!? How much money is that? That's $375! Byron said, Well, actually,
        • 英语听力短文12 Step Down (1) The couple stood in line at Bellevue Hospital. They were on the fourth floor. They were first in line. Three workers sat behind the main desk. One of them, a slim woman, said, Step down. Doug and Sandra looked at each other. Step down? There was no s
        • 英语听力短文13 Step Down (2) Doug and Sandra walked away from the desk. Boy, she wasn't very polite, Doug said. She didn't say 'Good morning.' She didn't say 'Have a nice day.' What did she write on the paper? The woman had written a phone number on the paper. I thought we were
        • 英语听力短文14 A Rising Dumpster He was standing on the busy sidewalk. He was looking straight up. They were building a high-rise at 32nd Street and 6th Avenue. It had hundreds of huge glass windows. A crane was lifting a dumpster. The dumpster was about 20 feet in the air. He watch
        • 英语听力短文15 Everyone Just Stood There Drew was standing near the pharmacy counter in the drugstore on 33rd Street. Two men approached. The short, stocky man was swearing loudly. He told the male employee, You better not call the police. Do you live around here? I better not see you on th
        ? 小班体育课熊猫滚球