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        一、经典时新 兼容并蓄:晨读美文中收录了百年沉淀的经典,文学大家的珠玑之作;总结英语专业专4、专8及考研篇章阅读常见题源,在《卫报》、《今日美国》、《华盛顿邮报》等时新报刊中甄选文章。
        二、题材广泛 原汁原味:五大章节,各成特色,或黄钟大吕;或寓意深远;或细腻缱绻。
        三、词海拾贝 句句生辉 :“词海拾贝”精选专4、专8核心词汇,及常考超纲词汇。“句句生辉”中的解析涵盖翻译技巧、语法、背景文化等方面。
        四、译艺非凡 字斟句酌:中文翻译以“信、达、雅”为目标,提请翻译专家反复润色、优化。
        五、英音美音 随心选择:外籍专家倾情朗读,囊括英式读音和美式读音,您可根据个人喜好随心选择。
        六、知识链接 倾心奉献:提炼专4、专8及英专考研知识点,难点语法讲解、英美文化全览、英美文学赏析、翻译技巧点拨,悉心收集。




        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 1. Feed Your Mind [00:04.52]Feed Your Mind [00:06.60]Since the prehistoric times, man has had an urge to satisfy his needs. [00:13.60] Be it hunger, shelter or search for a mate, [00:17.31] he has always manipulated the circumstances to the best of his advantages. [00
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 2. Dreams [00:02.27]Dreams [00:06.23]To accomplish great things, you must dream great dreams. [00:10.80]But dreaming alone isn't enough, [00:12.90]you must believe in your dreams and you must act. [00:15.77]Without action, even the most grand of dreams evapora
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 3. I Want! I do! I get! [00:01.49]I Want! I Do! I Get! [00:04.34]There's a great song out there by Jimmy Cliff, [00:08.16]one of reggae's top artists, [00:10.25]that in six words summarizes just how you succeed in life: [00:14.29]I want! I do! I get! [00:17.90] These six wo
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 4 The Power of Imagination [00:03.45]The Power of Imagination [00:05.07]Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something [00:10.56]that is not perceived through the senses. [00:12.77]It is the ability of the mind to built mental scenes, [00:16.50]objects or event
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 5 Advise Proposed By Alber [00:00.29]Advise Proposed by Albert Einstein [00:05.70]Every day I remind myself that my inner and outer life [00:10.41]are based on the labors of other men, living and dead, [00:13.78]and that I must exert myself in order to give [00:16.39]in the sa
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 6 Relish the Moment [00:02.05]Relish the Moment [00:03.80]Tucked away in our subconscious is an idyllic vision. [00:09.60]We see ourselves on a long trip that spans the continent. [00:13.53] We are traveling by train. Out the windows, [00:17.04] we drink in the passing
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 7 The Power of Us [00:01.95]The Power of Us [00:03.81]Sometimes I think that if I could change the world, [00:08.73]and run everything the way I want, then the world would be a better place. [00:12.78] I'm a good guy. I have good intentions. [00:16.17]I want the best
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 8 Criteria of Excellency [00:02.46]Criteria of Excellency [00:07.64]My l4-year-old son, John, and I spotted the coat simultaneously. [00:14.39]It was hanging on a rack at a secondhand clothing store [00:17.76]in Northampton Mass, [00:19.82]crammed in with shoddy trench coats
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 9 What is Your Recovery Ra [00:00.10]Whats Your Recovery Rate? [00:05.45]What is your recovery rate? [00:08.86]How long does it take you to recover from actions [00:11.85]and behaviors that upset you? Minutes? Hours? [00:15.75]Days? Weeks? The longer it takes you to recover, [
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 10 Deciding to Live [00:01.20]Deciding to Live [00:04.27]I believe I am a climber. Three years ago, [00:09.29]a series of medical and personal crises took what was a clinical depression [00:14.43]and made it something much darker. [00:16.95]I thought of it as fallingas
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 11 Getting What You Want i [00:01.50]Getting What You Want in Life [00:05.77]There are lives that have bread in abundance and yet are starved; [00:11.93]with barns and warehouses filled, [00:14.34] with shelves and larders laden they are empty and hungry. [00:18.61] No man nee
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 12 The Thanks We Give [00:04.22]The Thanks We Give [00:08.71]It's not the turkey alone we're grateful for. [00:12.25]Not the cranberry sauce or the stuffing or even the pumpkin pie. [00:16.52]Some of the people seated at the table [00:19.30]are strangersfriends of friends
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 13 Today I Begin a New Lif [00:01.08]Today I Begin a New Life [00:03.82]Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, [00:09.39]suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity. [00:12.89]Today I am born anew and my birthplace [00:16.50] is a vineyard where there
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 14 A Truth of Life [00:01.17]A Truth of Life [00:04.46]One of my patients, a successful businessman, [00:08.28] tells me that before his cancer he would become depressed [00:11.78] unless things went a certain way. Happiness was having the cookie. [00:16.48] If you had
        • 英语专业晨读美文-励志篇 15 Storms Always Give Way [00:00.69]Storms Always Give Way to the Sun [00:07.87]What is the secret ingredient of tough people [00:11.66]that enables them to succeed? [00:13.51]Why do they survive the tough times [00:16.03]when others are overcome by them? [00:17.84]Why do the
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