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        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第1期:英国首相卡梅伦羊年新春贺辞 It's Chinese New Year and it can be a truly golden year for Britain and China. 现在是中国的农历新年,这也是英中两国关系的黄金一年。 Our economic relationship goes from strength to strength. 我们两国的经济联系不断增
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第2期:中国羊年(1) The Chinese Year of the Goat 中国羊年 Hello, This is Natasha and this is a special story to celebrate 2015. 你好,这是娜塔莎,这是一个特殊的庆祝2015年的故事。 As you may know, there are 12 animal signs in the Chinese calend
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第3期:中国羊年(2) One year, when the weather grew warm she began her annual journey, 一年,当天气变得温暖时,她开始一年一度的旅程, stepping slowly and steadily along the way, while her little kid skipped along beside her. 一路上缓慢而稳定
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第4期:中国羊年(3) A hare came bounding along, and saw that the kind goat was shedding a tear. 一只野兔跳了回来,看到山羊在流眼泪。 Tell me good goat, why are you looking so sad? he asked. 告诉我,好山羊,你为什么看起来这么难过?他问
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第5期:中国新年习俗(1) Hello and welcome to the special Chinese new year's edition of discovering China. 大家好,欢迎来到发现中国的新年特别版。 I'm Alina Wang and I'm Ben Hedges, and today we'll be taking you through some of the most important traditions
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第6期:中国新年习俗(2) Another way that Chinese used to scare off evil monsters at the start of the new year is the lion dance, let's now find out more about this Chinese tradition. 中国人用来吓走邪恶怪物的另一种方式是在新年伊始舞狮,现在让我们
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第7期:中国新年习俗(3) Dao so you have the banner spring posted upside down, it implies that spring has arrived, chundao. 到,这样你把春联颠倒着贴就意味着春天到了,春到。 A common Chinese saying which is seen on many banners also contains a play on
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第8期:中国新年习俗(4) Finally, an important piece of etiquette on receiving a red packet is not to open it in front of the giver. 最后,礼仪的重要组成部分是在接收一个红包时,不在给予者面前打开。 In someways I prefer red packet and I could b
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第9期:春节故事(1) Another year of good fortune is beginning in China. 在中国,新的好运年又开始了。 Fireworks pop high in the sky, dragons dance in the streets, and the cities close down to celebrate Chinese New Year and Chinese culture. 烟花窜上了天空
        • 中国春节风俗习惯 第10期:春节故事(2) After that, the people started celebrating the new moon instead of fearing it. 之后,人们不再害怕新月,而开始为它庆祝。 That celebration became a 15-day festival of family, food and good fortune called Chinese New Year. 庆典演变
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