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        自考英语综合一下册 课文+单词




        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Text The Story of an Hour [00:06.40]They knew that Louise Mallard had a weak heart. [00:11.36]So they broke the bad news gently.Her husband,Brently,was dead. [00:18.63]There was a train accident,Louise,said her sister Josephine,quietly. [00
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 1 [00:00.00]Lesson 1 Word list [00:04.41]break gently [00:06.44]v.打破,违犯,折断 adv.轻轻地,逐渐地 [00:08.46]quietly broken [00:10.59]adv.平静地,静静地 adj.坏掉的,患病的 [00:12.72]loudly armchair [00:14.76]adv.大声地 n.扶手椅
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 2 [00:00.00]Text [00:02.61]In the Laboratory [00:07.58]I entered Professor Agassiz's laboratory, [00:11.83]and told him I had enrolled my name in the Scientific School [00:16.80]as a student of natural history. [00:20.45]When do you wish to begin?Now,I
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 2 [00:00.00]lesson 2 word list [00:03.89]laboratory [00:05.42] n.实验实 [00:06.95]enroll,enrol reach [00:08.83]v. 登记,注册 v.伸手取 [00:10.71]specimen [00:12.08] n.标本;样品 [00:13.45]alcohol [00:14.88] n.酒精 [00:16.30]disappointe
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Text Detective on the Trail [00:06.48]Bob Sugg read only certain bits of the papers he sold. [00:11.44]Robberies,killings,and things like that. [00:15.31]And that was funny,too,because he didn't like crime [00:19.96]and meant to stop it whe
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 3 [00:00.00]Lesson 3 Word list [00:04.00]trail on the trail of sb./sth. [00:06.22]n.拖过的痕迹 追踪 [00:08.44]robbery killing [00:10.27]n.抢劫 n.谋杀案 [00:12.09]mean wrongdoer [00:14.21]v.打算,意欲 n.违法的人,罪犯,做坏事的
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 4 [00:00.00Text The Trashman [00:03.81]Saturday,April 7 [00:07.16]Steve and I hauled trash for four solid hours without a break of any sort, [00:13.64]except for about five mintes when we stopped to talk. [00:18.18]We got eight hours of pay for cleanin
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 4 [00:00.00]Word List [00:02.69]trash trashman [00:04.57]n.垃圾;废物 n.垃圾清理工 [00:06.45]trashcan haul [00:08.28]n.垃圾桶 v.运送 [00:10.11]route barrel [00:11.79]n.路线;线路 n.桶,大木桶 [00:13.48]dump adult [00:15.22]v. n
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Text The Day I Was Fat [00:04.60]I was never in great shape. [00:08.36]As a child,I was always called plump. [00:13.53]I could never sit Indian-style the way other kids did, [00:18.68]and when I made the cheer-leading squad in eighth grade
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 5 [00:00.00]Word List [00:03.21]great shape [00:05.28]adj.美妙的,出众的 n.体型,身段 [00:07.34]plump make [00:09.10]adj.丰满的 v.成为的一员 [00:10.87]squad cheer-leading squad [00:13.00]n.小队 n.啦啦队 [00:15.12]split the spli
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Text Another School Year--What For? [00:06.79]Let me tell you one of the earliest disasters in my career as a teacher. [00:12.12]It was January of 1940 [00:15.96]and I was fresh out of graduate school starting my first semester at a univers
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 6 [00:00.00]Lesson 6 Word list [00:03.89]disaster areer [00:05.81]n.不幸,灾难 n.职业,事业 [00:07.73]damn hip [00:09.42]v.诅 n.臀部 [00:11.10]pharmacist pharmacy [00:13.02]n.药剂师 n.药剂学;药学 [00:14.94]stuff as [00:16.77]n.作品
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Text The Great Idea of Mr.Budd(1) [00:07.08]£500 REWARD [00:11.15]The Evening Messenger has decided to offer the above reward to any person who gives information [00:19.10]which results inthe arrest of William Strickland, [00:24.37]who is
        • 自考英语综合一下册单词 lesson 7 [00:00.00]Lesson 7 Word list [00:04.18]reward messenger [00:06.07]n.赏金,奖赏 n.使者,送信者 [00:07.97]arrest wanted [00:09.94]n.逮捕 adj.受到通辑的 [00:11.91]silver-grey dye [00:14.04]n.银灰色 v.给染色 [00:16.17]dye dyeing [
        • 自考英语综合一下册课文 lesson 8 [00:00.00]Text [00:02.61]The Great Idea of Mr.Budd(II) [00:08.36]Mr.Budd finished drying the man's head and began to comb the hair which nature had never [00:15.02]never made such a deep red. [00:18.68]'Be as quick as you can,won't you? [00:22.23]sai
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