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        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)01:天使是什么样子? ?What do angels look like? What do angels look like? 天使是什么样子? What Do Angels Look Like? 天使是什么样子? They are 天使就像 Like the little old lady who returned your wallet yesterday. 那个昨天捡到钱包并把它交还给你的身材矮小的年老
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)02:来自内心的礼物 Gifts from the heart Gifts from the heart 来自内心的礼物 According to legend, a young man while roaming the desert came across a spring of delicious crystal-clear water. 有这样一个传说:一个年轻人在沙漠里漫游时偶然发现了一眼清泉。 The
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)03:真正的美丽 Real beauty Real beauty 真正的美丽 When a first-time father cuddled his newborn son,he immediately noticed the baby's ears conspicuously standing out from his head. 他刚刚做了父亲,抱着刚出生的儿子,突然发现孩子的耳朵是很明显的招
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)04:改变高度 Change altitude Change altitude 改变高度 Rebecca had decided that her best chance of getting hired by a company doing geological survey work in the Alaskan wilderness was to earn a private license to fly twin-engine planes. 丽贝卡觉得,要想进入在阿拉斯
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)05:要紧的事 What will matter What will matter 要紧的事 Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end. 不管有没有准备好,总有一天一切将走到终点。 There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. 不再有日出,不再有分钟,不再有小
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)06:如向日葵般高高站立 Stand tall like the sunflower Stand tall like the sunflower 如向日葵般高高站立 I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our awareness. 有时候我觉得很有意思,甚至连最平凡的事情都能够对我们的认识产
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)07:你一定很幸运 You sure are lucky You sure are lucky 你一定很幸运 It was a hot, muggy August afternoon, and I had every reason to feel sorry for myself. 那是一个潮湿闷热的下午,我完全有理由为自己掬一把同情之泪。 A comedy of hassles began with the no
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)08:一步步走向幸福 Steps to happiness Steps to happiness 一步步走向幸福 Everybody Knows: 每个人都知道: You can't be all things to all people. 你无法为每个人办到每件事。 You can't do all things at once. 你无法立刻完成所有的事。 You can't do all thin
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)09:用心去看 See with the heart See with the heart 用心去看 And now here is my secret, said the fox, It is very simple: its only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye. 这就是我的秘密,小狐狸说道,它很简单:只有用心
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)10:一生中最美好的时光 The best time of my life The best time of my life 一生中最美好的时光 It was June 15, and in two days I would be turning thirty. 那天是6月15日,再过两天我就要30岁了。 I was insecure about entering a new decade of my life and feared that my best years
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)11:免费拥抱 Free hugs Free hugs 免费拥抱 Do you want a hug? the young man asked Ginny. 你想要一个拥抱吗?年轻人问金妮。 He held a sign in his handFree Hugs. I looked around. 在他的手中有个标牌,免费拥抱。我看了看周围。 There were
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)12:两条路 The two roads The two roads 两条路 It was New Year's Night. An aged man was standing at a window. 除夕之夜,一位老人伫立窗前。 He raised his mournful eyes towards the deep blue sky, where the stars were floating like white lilies on the surface of
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)13:谁为你编的降落伞? Who packed your parachute? Who packed your parachute? 谁为你编的降落伞? Charles Plumb was a US Navy jet pilot in Vietnam. 毕业于美国海军军官学校的查尔斯?普拉姆,在越战期间是一名喷气式战机飞行员。 After 75 combat missions, his plane
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)14:如果有机会 If I had the chance If I had the chance 如果有机会 It seems we are all so busy these days. 如今我们大家似乎都太忙了。 There are so many details, so many calls to make and so many things to look after that we barely have time for sincere and genuine int
        • 找谁倚靠(慢速)15:你就是我的生命 You are my life You are my life 你就是我的生命 There was a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school. 有一个印度男孩,被他的父母送到了寄宿学校。 Before being sent away this boy was the brightest student in his class. 在
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